I wanted to start a blog about fantasy books so that I could share my honest opinions about some of the fantastic books that are currently on the shelves.

I started reading fantasy in 2010 (David Gemmell’s Swords of Night and Day’) after some major cajoling form a good friend of mine. “I don’t want to read it, the cover looks terrible”, yes, I was that guy. Well we rallied back and forth regarding the themes and storyline of the book and in the end I thought “Hell, why not?”. 

Two days later and recovering from a lack of sleep and on a ‘downer’ from the copious amounts of caffeine, I realised that I had just found my genre (and author!) of choice.

David Gemmell has 32 works (34 if you can those written under his pseudonym Ross Harding) and Ii have read all of them…twice! I loved them, the dealings of good and evil and what actions determine these concepts. I loved the characters he created and the personalities of each of these. I always wanted to know more about the characters that Gemmell created and wished that I could meet them (some of them anyway; yes you, Waylander).

Once I had finished the works of David Gemmell, I picked up a book by Brent Weeks; The Way of Shadows’. Now this sent my head spinning, I could not put it down; I was drawn into the world that Weeks had created. The concepts were new to me and the idea of the ka’kari and magic imbued within this. The characters were fantastic (I now have a cat called Durzo), the writing was brilliant and the pace was rip-roaring. Brent Weeks is one of my favourite authors of all time and if I’m ever struggling for a new book to sink my teeth into, I will pick up one of Weeks’ to tide me over.

Since then I have discovered Brandon Sanderson (The Way of Kings…WOW), Joe Abercrombie (the fights scenes depicted by this guy are unbelievable), Mark Lawrence (controversial themes and characters and underrated because of this, stupidly ignored by some readers, they are missing out), Peter V Brett, and countless others that I will review on here in-between work, married life and holidaying (August, where are you?!).

I hope people find this blog interesting but if you don’t, let me knowiIf you disagree, let me know, if my grammar is incorrect, le…well actually no, you can keep that to yourself ;).

I hope to have many a conversation during my time writing this blog and want to connect with people who have the same interests!

My first review should be up within the week, it will be Adrian Selby’s debut novel Snakewood.

Speak soon…