Well, I have recently returned from a jaunt to the cinema to see BvS: DoJ. It was good.

I am not waxing lyrical because it could have been so much more, so I’ll stick with ‘Good’ for now.

I, like most other comic book fans, loved the premise; Man v God, Anti-hero v Hero, yada yada yada. I wondered as to how this could play out and thought that Kryptonite must have a huge role to play, surely?! Otherwise Batman would be dust. As my step-father (who came with me to see the film) so eloquently put it [warning: colloquialisms] “Wey, it’ll be the shortest film you’ll ever see son. Superman will walk in, punch  his head off and walk back out. Ne bother. The first two hours will be a documentary, followed by Batman being killed”.

Hmm… he did have a point.

Now, to the film.

The opening sequence was enjoyable; it offered an alternative point of view of the battle towards the end of ‘Man of Steel’ and this was quite fresh. Bruce Wayne is present during his and his hatred broods from this point onwards.

There were some flashbacks to Bruce’s character that we have seen so many times before ala Nolan – who, interestingly was executive producer on BvS – and was not really necessary. There were also some tedious ’emotional’ scenes that really, in my opinion, could have been cut and the film would not have been lessened because of it.

Now to the good stuff, and there is heaps of it. Affleck as Batman works; no overworked voices, less sulking/brooding and a physicality that makes Batman intimidating, something I loved about this. I mean, we should be scared of him right?! We should, believe that he could beat the hell out of multiple cronies with ease, he’s trained by The League of Shadows after all! Batman gets given a few fight scenes which are pulled off very well with some cool moves and nice sound effects.

I also like Cavill as Superman; he manages to transition from cocky to vulnerable in an instant, something that this character needs in this film.

Another thing I liked about the film was the fact that the female characters are not bystanders or damsels in distress, they actually add to the film. Gadot as Wonderwoman gets some moments and embodies the character well, tough and determined and also an asset to the action. Adams as Lois Lane is carried well, she is also less annoying than in ‘Man of Steel’ which is a massive bonus!

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is decent. I refrain from going beyond that because I need to see more of him. He does have a large part to play in this and he is slightly maniacal which works to a point, it goes a little far for me however; I need the ‘crazy’ roped in a little bit – that’s the joker’s gambit. I have never considered him a real menace or a threat to Superman but he does manage this here and hopefully will end up being a real threat to society, a worthy ‘Baddy’ to the joyful ‘Goodies’.

Overall I liked the film;, the action is done well and is not just cities being reduced to rubble. The film also teases other characters from the DC universe and we get glimpses of them throughout – watch out for ‘Justice League: Part One’ coming in 2017.

I would give this 3.5/5. Definitely worth a watch.