We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time

TS Eliot, Four Quartets


So, this time last week I decided to (finally!) start a blog. I had pondered doing it for nearly a year but always came up with some excuse – you know the usual – “I’m just too busy”, “It’s too difficult” blah, blah, blah. But eventually, with a nice long Easter weekend to look forward to and really have time to get my blog off the ground, I decided to take the plunge. This is how my first week as a book blogger has been…

The Site – First of all, how the hell do I get a ‘widget’ onto my blog? They look super cool and I keep seeing them on other blogger’s sites. Google got fried during my first week and probably will every time I encounter something new or that I don’t know how to work. The word ‘widget’ meant nothing to me one week ago, now I’m like the widget master, adding and sorting widgets wherever I go. Well not to that extent but I do know how to put them onto my site; just Google it and follow the instructions.

The People – Everyone I have encountered so far in my first week have been fantastic. I have linked up with other bloggers on Goodreads and shared my own blog. I have encountered other bloggers on WordPress who have shared invaluable information with me and have really been willing to engage with someone who is new to their community. When starting a blog you do so with trepidation, with fear of the unknown; I wondered if my blog would be received well, and if it was not, how people would tell me; would it be brutal honesty or honesty with suggestions? I could not be happier at this point, I have been pleasantly surprised with every conversation I have had with other people in these communities.

The Books – This week I have read two short stories and one novel (another novel is 60% complete as I type this; the review should be published this weekend). I love reading and have done since picking up ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ with my grandfather when I was really young. Since completing my A-Levels, I have not had a cause for reading, I did it simply because I loved it. During this week I have given myself a different reason to read and I have really enjoyed it. I have encountered new authors and some fantastic works, many of which I would not have picked up a few years ago. My mind-set is changing for the better.


During this week I have not had my face out of the laptop, or my phone, or my Kindle – ask my wife, she now has a new-found appreciation for the top of my head – but it has definitely been worth it. I just hope that my network continues to grow and that I encounter the same calibre of people within these communities. If anyone has seen, liked or commented on any of my posts so far, thank you.