So today marks my 27th birthday and it got me to thinking about all that has happened during my 26th year. Here goes…

Marriage: I got married on August 4th in a beautiful part of the world; Sorrento, Italy. I was lucky enough to be joined by my nearest and dearest and has the most amazing day (I have posted a few pictures below).

Academia: I somehow managed to negotiate my way through a placement within a child protection team and came out the other end with some invaluable experience and a job! The role is tough and takes up a lot of energy and a lot of my time but I have the support around me that ensures I am never out on a limb!

Wanderlust: I had the amazing experience of visiting Capri with some of my closest friends, seeing as how we got married abroad the honeymoon was built in to this and we decided to visit Capri the day after our wedding and were lucky enough that our friends could come with us. Or second/proper honeymoon will come in the form of a jaunt to Florida in august 2016. No parks (even Harry Potter World unfortunately) but lots of travelling around Florida and up to Kansas and Nebraska.


Also, in May of this year I will be travelling to Kiev to see a real good friend of mine (he actually gave my wife away on our wedding day), he is, as David Gemmell would say, a man to walk the mountains with. This is a less cultured trip with most of the sightseeing coming from behind some sort of spirit-filled glass. Still, there are lots of cathedrals and we will be visiting them (I’ll post a few pictures to the blog).

Family: (WARNING: This will sound like an Oscar speech) I am lucky enough to have two sets of family as my in-laws are a big part of my/our life. Also, two of my closest and best friends are my brothers (Stu and Ste) and while I don’t get to see them as often as I like, I know they’re there. My mother is a wise head on young(ish) looking shoulders and a fountain of knowledge, an intelligent,  constant hard worker who will always let me know when I am doing well and where I could improve, something that is much needed in my job! My dad who, despite all of the will in the world is a numpty, he’s funny, always available and will keep me grounded, not many sons have the privilege of having such a top drawer Dad in their lives, I just hope he makes it to his next birthday, he’s forever chopping body parts of whilst at work or undertaking ‘handy man’ jobs :/. My little sister ‘Boo’ who is quirky, funny and brilliant in her own idiosyncratic way, a real character of our family. (Lots of Boo-isms)


My wife: My wife is bonkers, like, actually off the map. She’s funny, kind, caring, bloody beautiful and the one person I can count on to give me a good ol’ kick up the backside. It’s safe to say that I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Right, sappy stuff over, now on to…

My blog: I started my blog because I wanted to meet and speak to like-minded people whose passion for reading is as strong as my own and whose insights I could call upon when choosing my next book and discussing the books that I love. I have been ding this now for 5 weeks and have loved every minute of it. My first 3 weeks were consumed with reading internet posts of how to make my blog known and seen by more people and constantly looking at the analytics page on wordpress. No longer. My time is now spent reading (more) books, reading other bloggers’ posts and finding new books. I am just soo glad that I decided to take the leap into blogging. Long may it continue. Thank you to my 21 followers, I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts!

P.S I hope this hasn’t bored the life out of everybody. I just wanted to put down my feelings this morning  🙂