Now let me start off by saying that I will not be able to provide any sage advice here. I am merely asking the question and hoping that some readers will be able to give me a few pointers and share some of their experiences with me.

So very recently I decided (after years of toing and froing) to sit and start writing some of my ideas down. So far I have my protagonist and some of his back story. Also, I have managed to write 3000 words (go me!) and there is actually some dialogue in there.

My struggle so far has been with originality. When I am writing I keep thinking to myself I’ve heard that before, I’ve read that before, this guy is similar to that well-known character and so on and so on. With this in mind I decided to just write down what I need to, complete my daily word count (around 1500-2000) and see where I go from there.

Another major struggle? Names. Lord Almighty, the Names! What will my main village be called? Hell, what will the world look like? I recently attended a book launch with Joe Abercrombie (which was absolutely brilliant by the way) and he spoke briefly about ‘mapping’ his world. He spoke of how he had gained a lot of experience in his younger days though RPG-ing and drawing maps for that purpose. Well I don’t have that experience and I am struggling like hell to name a world, its nations, its races, its species etc etc etc. I mean, where do I start?

I have no doubt that my first ‘draft’ will be garbage but I will continue on like the brave soul that iIam… I thought I would put my feelings and experiences  ‘out there’ to see if anyone has had any similar problems challenges? Please do let me know. All advice is appreciated 🙂

So currently, my answer to ‘Writing – Where Do I Start?’ Is simple…start typing.