My 10 Favourite Fictional Characters (Part 2)


Writing numbers 10 – 6 was quite hard, but writing 5 – 1?! Crazy tough! I think I am just about happy with my choices, although there are a few that could have made this list (I’ve put them in my ‘Honourable Mentions’ at the bottom of this page). I tried to ensure that I didn’t choose characters form the same author but it was just too bloody hard, I had to put them in! Here are my Top 5 fictional characters;

5.       Tyrion Lannister – Appears in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin

Tyrion Lannister’s character is just brilliant. He is a survivor in the truest sense, his mother died giving birth to him and he has lived his life being mocked and despised because he is a dwarf. Tyrion is treated abhorrently by his family (with the exception of Jaime, although he has had his moments) and as such develops fierce independence. He is strategically superior to his counterparts and is supremely intelligent. I love Tyrion’s character and I think Peter Dinklage has really brought him to life.

4.       Druss the Legend – Appears in Legend, The King Beyond the Gate, The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, The Legend of Deathwalker, and White Wolf by David Gemmell


It is hard to describe Druss’ character in such a short space, he is heroic, loyal and ever-loving. He is also a great warrior with unnatural strength and he wields a battle axe called ‘Snaga’ that has a demon in its blade. Druss is a Drenai warrior who travels with his friend ‘Sieben the poet’ who documents Druss’ many feats and turns them into poems that are sung by warriors around the world. I think that what I most like about Druss is his reluctance to recognise his own strength and this keeps him humble. And when he does recognise his ability to influence men and give them strength, he uses this in a positive way. He is Gemmell’s crowning glory.

3.       Sand Dan Glokta AKA Inquisitor Glokta – Appears in The First Law Trilogy and Sharp Ends.


Sand Dan Glokta is a former champion swordsman and womaniser. His sword skills set him apart from the rest and he used this to his advantage, adopting an arrogance that only a noble-born champion can have. Glokta was then captured by the ‘Gurkish’ and tortured almost to death. He is now ‘crippled’ and his body is deformed, causing him constant and immense pain. Glokta is a character that was humbled in the cruellest way, he is now an inquisitor – a feared torturer – who has great influence. His character is one that is bitter and sarcastic, constantly commenting on his own condition. He does have a softer side and develops a loyalty to Colonel West and protects his sister.

2.       Pug  – Appears in The Riftwar Saga (and many more) by Raymond E. Feist


Pug is a character that goes through the most dramatic changes during his character arc. He is an orphan who is then apprenticed to a magician and he becomes the most powerful magician in ‘Midkemia’. His journey is not straightforward and he faces trials and tribulations throughout. I think Pug is an ode to the world created by Feist and enhances it as opposed to ‘making’ it. He is a character that I really enjoyed reading and that I could fully get behind and root for.


1.       Durzo Blint AKA Prince Acaelus Thorne of Trayethell AKA Ferric Fireheart


That’s right, Durzo Blint, the garlic-eating ‘wetboy’ (‘Assassins have targets and sometimes miss, wetboys don’t’)  and possessor of the Black Ka’kari is my favourite fictional character, like ever! Durzo Blint has many aliases (these are listed below) as he has loved for 7000 years. He is the ultimate wetboy and, in my most humble opinion, the ultimate character. He is wickedly strong, unbelievably clever, and yet still loyal and loving. He has a rich history and has been any characters throughout the years, the legends of ‘Cenaria’ were created by Durzo over time. He has the ability to cling to walls, become invisible and come back from death (this comes with a great price) and he is almost immortal. He is a brilliant character whose history is as complex as his personality. He represents the world that Weeks created as he helped form it!


          Honourable Mentions


These are the characters who didn’t quite make the list;

Bayaz the Magician – Appears in the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Azoth AKA Kylar Stern – Appears in the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks

Kaladin Stormblessed – Appears in The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

So that concludes my 10 favourite fictional characters. What did you think of my choices? Do you agree with them? Let me know who your favourite fictional characters are J