Wizarding Wednesdays – Week 1

Harry Potter and alliteration (no, that’s not a new book) are two of my loves in this world, geeky right? So I thought, why not create a recurring post that incorporates both of these things?! Done. Wizarding Wednesdays is all about wizards and their worlds, from Harry Potter to Bayaz. Wizarding Wednesdays is also way for me to revisit my favourite wizarding worlds and find little quotes and facts that I find super interesting (and you might too) and put them down in a bi-weekly post. Also, how about a fact thrown in for good measure?! Ok, fine, you can have two facts!

First up, it’s my favourite wizarding world, from the mind of JK Rowling. And here are two little facts for you…

Sanpe fact week 1

classroom fact - week 1

This is a beautiful quote and one of my all-time favourites!

Harry and Dumbledore Quote

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little foray into the wizarding world of Harry Potter, I know I did. Please comment and let me know any of your favourite quotes from the Harry Potter books 🙂

As ever, thank you for reading and using your precious time to lay an eye on my published thoughts. And please, if you could, share this post on your social media channel of choice 🙂 That’s all, from Wizarding Wednesdays – Week 1.