Hi everyone, I hope you are all very well and are geared up for a great Christmas!!

I am writing this as an apology for my lack of presence lately; I have been searching for excuses but came up with; ‘My dog ate it’… In actual fact I have been busy and have not had the time, nor the energy to get around to giving this blog the love and attention that it needs, and that has really galled me!

So I’m back, and I’m reading…HARD. I have a bunch of review requests in my inbox and I will be responding to them throughout this week. So hopefully, over the next few weeks, I will be more active and I’ll be able to add some reviews.

Lastly; I have still been reading the blogs that I am subscribed to, I always love reading Drew’s poems over at thetattooedbookgeek and Suzanne’s posts over on her blog, and I will be buying have bought, her novel, ‘Visions of Zarua’!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow the blog, and for those who have recently followed me.

I’ll speak to you all soon 😀