Are you addicted to reading? If you recognise any of these features then the chances are you’re a reading addict.

1. Refusing to make food – I am sooo bad for this. I will take 5 minutes out from reading my book to make a cup of coffee or, if I’m feeling super patient, a cup of tea (sometimes the brewing process is just too long!) but I refuse to take 10 minutes out to make food. I mean what is that about?! You need to remember that for your brain to work, you need to be fuelled! Lesson (almost) learned!
2. Not sleeping – I bet that when reading a book late at night with one eye on the clock, you’ve thought to yourself “just one more chapter” and before you know it, you’re 3 chapters down and still going! I do this all of the time and wonder why I’m so bloody tired for work the next morning. Well, I have started setting myself ‘reading goals’, I know I’ll fail with the whole ‘one chapter more’ mind-set, so instead I’ve found that a page limit works for me. I set myself another 10, 15, or 20 pages before I get some shut eye. The key thing here is will power. Good luck 🙂
3. Ignoring your better half (do this at your peril) – the amount of things I have ‘accidentally’ signed up for because I haven’t been paying attention to my wife is astronomical. Seriously, take 5 minutes from your book, give them your undivided attention and make sure that you know what you’re letting yourself in for!
4. Talking about it – Do you talk to everyone within earshot about the book you’re reading even though you know that they don’t care?! Yup, you’re addicted to reading! I wouldn’t suggest that you stop doing this however, I’ve managed to convert a few people in the past!
5. Spending more time in the local book shop than you do in your own home (almost as much anyway). Every time I go on a ‘shopping trip’ I like to stop by any and every bookshop and I am always on the lookout for book bargains. Luckily my wife is also interested in perusing – usually the non-fiction section. I could spend hours in there, no seriously, my idea of a perfect ‘chill day’ would be with a constant stream of lattes and dozens of books.

If you display any of the traits above then there’s no doubt about it, you’re a book addict. I say, wear it with pride… and don’t forget to eat!