Book Review – Scavenger: A.I. (Sand Divers #2) by Timothy C Ward

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The book blurb;

‘Hundreds of years ago a nanotech virus nearly wiped out humanity. The kernel of that technology has been locked in a buried military and guarded from warlords and tyrants by a class of sentries. Divemaster Rushing Stenson and his wife Star thought their journey underground would lead to the discovery of the ancient city of Danvar. Instead, they resurrected a power perfect for the tyrant that put them there. He plans to use this self replicating technology to rebuild America and give life eternal to those loyal to his empire.’

Scavenger: A.I. picks up where the previous book, Scavenger: Evolution, (my review can be found here) left off and picks up the action almost immediately. Rush, Star and the other survivors are hoping to make a new life for themselves in their new territory, protected from the many dangers of the world of Sand. They soon encounter a new foe who presents itself in the form of a self-thinking computer program, ‘W’.

The big difference with the second instalment of the Sand Divers is the level character development, it’s much deeper here. In Evolution we were introduced to the characters and details were teased from them. In A.I. we know the details of the characters and we are with them on their journey of processing their feelings and in most cases, their grief. Star is a major player in this story and she becomes more than a cold ex-wife, she is a mother whose grief is endless and whose love for her deceased child will guide her to make extreme decisions.

The character development is great and the action is even better. This story is packed with action sequences that present a real threat to the characters. I love the technology in the Sand Divers books and A.I. is no different. The group of survivors face off against self-replicating nanos and have to fight with the idea that they may be past redemption or cure.

The action is constant throughout the novel and is delivered in bursts of sci-fi deliciousness. The survivors find themselves fighting their way out of every corner and it just makes you want to keep reading and reading and reading. The antagonist in this story is ‘W’, a computer program that can self-replicate and control the ‘Poseidon’ suits used by some of the characters. What I really like is that you’re never quite sure who to trust, even at the end…


I enjoyed the hell out of this book and I couldn’t stop turning the pages, it is packed with adrenaline-filled action scenes and a reality of the characters’ uncertain future.  Sci-fi lovers will enjoy this book to no end and I highly recommend reading it. Scavenger: Evolution was the author setting out his story in the world of Sand, Scavenger: A.I. is the author revelling in this world and bringing it to life. Brilliant stuff.



Where to find Scavenger: A.I.

Scavenger: A.I is just $0.99 on Amazon until July 1st and is an absolute bargain! You want more good news? Scavenger: Evolution is FREE on Amazon until July 1st. I highly recommend getting both books at this price while you can, they’re just so much fun.


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