*Short Story Review* The Forever Project by Charlotte L R Kane

The blurb;

‘The Forever Project. A group of test subjects from 2017 are cryogenically frozen and defrosted in 2067. They are introduced to the New World, The Cybernetic World. The Age of Technology. Computers control every aspect of a life. Antonio ‘Tony’ Andrews is unfrozen and struggles to understand this ‘new life’. A short 2100 word story in first person of waking up 50 years in the future and having to adjust.’

So the repercussions of this are bloody frightening; poor Tony. I like the idea of a future that you aren’t born into but are thrust into it, warts and all, and have to fend for yourself. The author does this quite well and in such a short space of time (pages, words?) manages to encapsulate this quite well. There is swearing here but fuck, I’m sure I would be as well.

There is a very visceral feel to the story and the first person style really helps to bring this to life. Now, I’m not usually a fan of first person storytelling but over such a short period and when used correctly, it actually helps to make the story what it is.

This is promising start to what I hope will be the beginning of a series of stories from 2067. Here’s to hoping.

Where to find The Forever Project;


Where to find Charlotte L R Kane;


Website: http://charlottekane.wordpress.com
Twitter: @charlottelrkane
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This was  a very short review but is something that I am hoping to continue to do in the future; reviewing shorter stories and finding some little hidden gems. I feel that there is a quality to shorter stories that I haven’t really appreciated up to now and so i want to shed a little light on them if I can.

Let me know what you thought of the review and if you have any recommendations for what to read next. Also, because they are so short, I can read any genre , I mean there’s no way I can manage a full historical romance novel – no offence meant to any historical romance authors, it’s just not for me – but over 2000-5000 words? Hell yeah!

As always, thanks for reading/browsing/perusing/pretending 🙂