Book Reviews

Below is a list of the books that I have reviewed to date. If you have read any of the books before then please let me know what you thought of it, I always want to hear from fellow readers.


Joe Abercrombie – Sharp Ends

C.J. Anaya – The Healer


Ciara Ballintyne – In The Company Of The Dead


Richard Davis – False Prophet (A Saul Marshall Thriller #1)

A.M. Dunnewin – The Benighted


Gelineau and King – A Reaper of Stone

Gelineau and King – Best Left in the Shadows

Gelineau and King – Broken Banners (A Reaper of Stone #2)

Gelineau and King – Civil Blood (Best Left in the Shadows #2)

Gelineau and King – Faith and Moonlight #1


Rick Haynes – Evil Never Dies


Jack Jordan – Anything For Her

Jack Jordan – My Girl


Adrian Selby – Snakewood

Jon Skovron – Hope and Red


Timothy C. Ward – Scavenger: AI

Timothy C. Ward – Scavenger: Evolution

Timandra Whitecastle – Touch of Iron (The Living Blade #1)


Coming Soon

Michael R Miller – The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King

Tessa Harris – The Lazarus Curse

D. J. Molles – Wolves

Bob Summer – Alone But Not Lost (Alone 1)

Bob Summer – The Edge (Alone 2)

Bob Summer – Found (Alone 3)

David Videcette – The Theseus Paradox

Kachi Ugo – The Uprising