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The Diverse Book Tag – A Failed Attempt

The Diverse Book Tag

So, Jesse, over at Books at Dawn (his blog is one of my favourites, you should definitely check it out) has tagged me in the Diverse Book Tag. Now, I must admit that I’m slightly daunted by this because I don’t have the most diverse back-history when it comes to reading (shame on me, I know) So I will try my best with this and hope that my A-level in English Literature has done me some good!


Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie

Sharpends 2Sharp Ends is a collection of short stories from the World of the First Law. The character is Shevedieh, the self-styled best thief in Styria. Shev, for short, is a quick-tongued witty character whose sarcasm is a key feature of her personality and of her relationship with Javre, the Lionness of Hoskop. These are a quite brilliant pairing and the humour created by the two is some of the best I’ve read. Shev has one particular view of the male anatomy that had me laughing out loud. Her sexuality is not the focal point of her character and is therefore more ingrained within her.




Othello by William Shakespeare

Othello cover

Ok, so I’ve cheated a little bit here, this isn’t so much a book, but a play. And, to be fair, I have read it so for this purpose, I’m counting it! For the few who have never encountered Othello, it tells the story of a ‘Moorish’ general in the venetian army, and he is married to Desdemona, the daughter of a Venetian Senator, Brabantia. The play deals with jealousy, love, betrayal and race. One famous line is;

‘Zounds, sir, you’re robbed! For shame, put on your gown.

Your heart is burst, you have lost half your soul.

Even now, now, very now, an old black ram

Is tupping your white ewe’ – Iago


The play is just brilliant.


No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

no_country_for_old_men cover

Ok, ok, so I’ve stretched this one a little as well – I told you my reading wasn’t very diverse! No Country For Old Men is set on the United States-Mexico border and tells the story of Llewelyn Moss, a Vietnam war veteran who, while hunting, comes across a drug deal that has gone wrong, and ends up making away with over $2 million dollars in cash. Or so he thinks, he is being pursued by an unnkonw man (Anton Chigurh) who is a psychopathic hitman and has been employed to retrieve the money. This ends up in a tense cat-and-mouse chase that leaves many people dead. There is also Sheriff Ed Tom Bell who is investigating the murders and is essentially hunting Chigurh. This is a great book by a great author. I read this after falling in love with The Road.



Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

last argument of kings cover

Joe Abercrombie again, I know! Now, this book isn’t about the person with a disability per se, but they do play a major part! Colonel Sand dan Glokta is an Inquisitor in the King’s Inquisition. He was formerly a champion swordsman in the King’s Own before he was captured by the Gurkish and tortured to within an inch of his life. Glokta received the most appalling humbling that a person could receive and is now a cynical character whose heart is slowly uncovered throughout the First Law Trilogy. I have chosen the final book in the trilogy because this is where he is at his most awesome. His deviousness is put to good use and his humanity become more present throughout this book.




The King Beyond the Gate by David Gemmell


Tenaka Khan is the unifier of the Nadir tribes and would have the features of a Mongol, although with violet eyes. Tenaka Khan is a man of Nadir heritage who is sent to serve with the Dragon, a group of Drenai warriors as a way to pursue peace between the two nations. Tenaka then returns to his land and unifies the many warring tribes there. He the leads them into battle and is victorious. David Gemmell had the unique ability to make his readers turn the page at light speed. He did not sacrifice details or character development but managed to do this with such panache that they become a part of you without you realising it. This is pure fantasy.





The Uprising by Kachi Ugo

the uprising cover

This is on my TBR pile and so, while I can’t give a personal opinion on the book, I certainly can give you a synopsis. This book sounds awesome and I can’t wait to get my teeth into it!

‘Sarah Justice is many good things, including a descent Earth Elemental, a wonderful partner to her man, and a new mother. However, when an extremely powerful Dualist from the future—a man able to wield the magic of two of the Elements—abducts her newborn, she is turned into a cold blooded killer. In a bid to rescue her child, she sparks a rebellion, birthing an organization of young, skilled Elementals, who are immediately branded terrorists, and blithely transgressing every Law known to her kind. And the powers that be—the Global Elemental Authority and its ruthless leader, Commander Thorn, who is infamous for being remarkably vile to offenders—are not in the slightest forgiving. But there are bigger occult entities at play. Sarah may soon realize that her resolve is not enough. Notwithstanding, she has vowed to recover her child, heedless of where it takes her: to death or to victory.’

Those tags I couldn’t complete 😦




So, it’s safe to say that I have failed miserably with this tag! There are some positive to come from it though, I now know that I need to diversify my reading AND I can ask anyone reading this if they have any recommendations of books that fall into the categories of my failed tags. Fantasy is preferred but if there is something else you think I might like, then PLEASE do let me know.



Book Buying Habits Tag

Good Morning and a happy Monday 🙂

I was tagged by Jesse over at Books at Dawn to give the Book Buying Habits Tag a go, and after reading the categories, I thought it was something I could get my teeth into. So here i am, chowing down!

My Habits

Where do you buy your books from?

I tend to buy my books in physical form, usually paperback but sometimes I’ll splash out and buy a hardback. I shop at;



The Works

Any charity shop I find and any independent bookseller that I stumble upon.

Do you ever pre-order books and if so do you do this in store or online?

I do sometimes pre-order books but only when they are in my ‘Top 5’ authors or series. For example, I have pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This was also a great deal as the books are half price if pre-ordered. That’s something else that can encourage me to pre-order a book, by getting it cheaper! I have no preference where I pre-order my books, a lot of the time it is easier online as most of my favourite authors are based i the US and UK bookstores don’t advertise this facility/opportunity.

On average, how many books do you buy a month?

Oooh, quite a few (I’m always being warned by my wife that we “don’t have enough room’ for them), I seem to find myself gravitating towards bookstores and other little shops that sell books when I am out and about. I would say that I usually buy between 6-12 books per month but this can change if I find myself (inadvertently of course) in a bookstore.

Do you use your local library?

In one word, no. I don’t feel great about the fact I don’t use my library but I just find it such an inconvenience. The genre of book I read is not heavily featured and I am not patient enough to wait for it to be ordered in. I will just buy a book if I really want to read it. Not a great attitude I know but…..

What is your opinion on library books?

Honestly, I think they’re great, I love the fact that they cater for children and give them the opportunity to read, also, the older generation are able to visit their local library and pick up a lot of books that they like to read. They just don’t work for me is all.

How do you feel about second hand books?

Love, love, love! I thrive on second hand books and will always grab myself a bargain whenever I find one. I love the fact that great stories can be passe don to those who can’t/won’t fork out around £10 for a new book.

Do you keep your TBR pile on your main bookshelves or no?

If only I was that organised! No, I don’t keep my TBR pile on a bookshelf, I do, however, tend to keep them together, which is something at least. All e-copies that I receive for review are kept on my desktop and my kindle (as well as input into my review organising spreadsheet, how very mature of me!).

Do you plan to read all of the books you own?

Erm… yes? I would like to be able to read every book in the world but, alas, that is not to be! I don’t think I will ever read every book that I own but I know that I will give it a bloody good go!

What do you do with books you feel you will never read/did not enjoy?

Share and share alike. If I feel that I’m not enjoying a book then I will pass this on to somebody else. I have friends that read a similar genre to me and my brother has an almost identical taste in genre so he’ll be the first recipient of a book that I couldn’t read.

Have you ever donated books?

Yup. I have multiple copies of The Night Angel Trilogy as well as certain GOT novels so they will be donated (or as part of a giveaway) soon.

Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

A book buyin… I can’t even comprehend this sentence. Is this a thing? In actual fact, I have been on sort of a ban, that being I had to reduce the amount of books I buy because I had nowhere t put them. I still bought books however, I don’t think I could stop myself fully.

Do you feel that you buy too many books?

Again, ‘too many books’ is not a phrase I am familiar with. I could never buy too many books, I mean, I am converting my loft into a library and that needs filling with books. I will always find a reason to buy books and will never have too many.


Phew, that’s a weight off my shoulders, all of my book buying habits are laid bare for all to see. And, to be honest, I don’t think I’m that bad *crosses fingers and hopes for agreement*.


I saw another blogger (I can’t remember who, I’ll have ti try and find out) choose the bloggers to tag by going through his recent follower, commenter and notifications feed and I loved the idea. So…

Most recent follower: Cassidy over at An Abundance of Fiction

Most recent commenter: Maddalena at Space and Sorcery

Most recent ‘liker’: Candace at Literary Dust

If you have done this before then don’t worry about it, It is seriously fun though, don’t you think?


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed sifting through my dirty laundry *ahem*.


Danny 🙂


The Harry Potter Book Tag

The Harry Potter Book Tag!

I saw this on Jaed’s page over at Bibliophilewanderlust and loved the idea of it! She encouraged me to give it a go and I just couldn’t resist. So, here goes;

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